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Gravestones EP

by Tre Watson



released September 10, 2011

Tre Watson - Guitar, Bass, Drums, synths, Vocals
Dan Wieten - Vocals on "Dancing on Gravestones"
Matt Renner - Vocals on "Demise"
Alex Previty - Orchestral Intro to "Dancing on Gravestones"
Cameron Barton - Guitar solo in "The Mortal Coil"



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Tre Watson Baltimore, Maryland

Tre Watson is a Music Student, Multi-instrumentalist, Concert Bassist, Engineer and Producer from the Baltimore Maryland area. He has several Releases and is the Lead Guitarist and backup Vocalist of the band carthage, Listen to Carthage at http;// ... more

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Track Name: Demise
I washed my hands in
the blood of your friends
they sought to rule me
and they met their end
no one will face me
without comeuppance
i'll mark their demise
and carry on

you are a foolish man
to challenge me
I've shown much stronger men
A demise at sea
Your weapons
will never suit my needs
you lust for warfare
killing is my passion

you fought for honor
I fought for blood
There is no shame in destroying what you love
now is your judgement
come make your stand
Prove yourself or be buried in the sand

the crashing waters
are all my battle weapons
this life inside
is my front line

Fighting this battle
is my ending line
I'll write my story now
here turns my page

your story is forfeit
your legacy ends now
Track Name: Thread of Humanity
Bound By commonality
Force fed into me
Life is on repeat
And there is no relief
As our eyes walk the street
Our hearts walk the line
As our hearts walk the line
we sever the ties

cut with this blade

this meticulous structure
is only temporary
crossed beyond the line
a schism lost in time

Drifting Seamlessly
Far beyond
and falling through this space unknown
webs of constant dulled down musings, we are
the sons of a collective anomaly

standing at the edge of all you've known
you will never call a heart a home
disconnected from the world around you
empathy is now forfeit

these threads of humanity
all around me
cut the ties, alive and free
not a slave to the world that binds me

Lyrics collaborated with austin schmidt